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Why Tom Brady is NOT the GOAT!

Tom Brady is one of the most polarizing figures in all of football.  People either hate him or worship him and most of the hatred is driven by pure jealousy.  I personally can’t stand the guy because he has always come across as smug to me and everyone has him up on this pedestal.  Let’s face it, this guy has everything a guy could want and it rubs people the wrong way.  That being said, I want to go on record to say that while Brady is an amazing quarterback, he is in no way the G.O.A.T.  Let’s look at some facts, shall we?  

Superbowl record:  6-3 with 4 Superbowl MVP awards.

XXXVI: Patriots 20, Rams 17
XXXVIII: Patriots 32, Panthers 29
XXXIX: Patriots 24, Eagles 21
XLII: Giants 17, Patriots 14
XLVI: Giants 21, Patriots 17
XLIX: Patriots 28, Seahawks 24
LI: Patriots 34, Falcons 28 (OT)
LII: Eagles 41, Patriots 33 
LIII: Patriots vs. Rams (Feb. 3, 2019)

-Let’s look at the 2008 season; Brady injures his knee and misses the rest of the season, and they still go 11-5 with Matt Cassell under center.

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